Water Wisdom

Generally the socioeconomic condition of the people of Gomal Damaan Area of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Pakistan is very poor. They neither can afford nor have an access to the basic amenities of life. Here the literacy rate is abysmally low; the birth rate is very high with soaring rate of crime and unemployment.

The debate about water resource management in Pakistan today is primarily a debate between government and stakeholders from Karachi to Khyber. Both are completely perplexed over the ever-increasing water stress in the country. Decision-making has emerged as a big problem. We never felt scarcity of water professionals in the past but today’s emergencies require us to promote water wisdom. During British rule this area was envisaged as the main supplier of wheat and other food crops to the whole of sub-continent. Today it is stands as dry and unproductive. National and international attention is needed to focus on this virgin land. It is Gomal Damaan Area of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Pakistan that Dams and Reservoirs are to be built, where population is on increase and is confronting water related stresses. It is in the Gomal Damaan Area that the dilemma of pressing needs and limited resources is faced on a daily basis; it is in the Gomal Damaan Area local leadership is engaged in a continuous debate, on how to overcome underdevelopment and the painful realities of poverty and inequity.


Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) is committed to promote transparency in use of funds for development of water resources moreover improved transparency and accountability to reduce corruption and land and water grabbing in the area.

Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) supports awareness campaign regarding water can be launched to spread Blue Revolution and Dams for Development among the communities and to grow community-based forests to sustain hydro cycle and refuel the water resource through a natural process.

Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) supports better governance approaches to adapt to climate change in this connection improved multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) is committed to development of Information System to facilitate stakeholders and experts in the area. In this connection A web site was launched with the name of www.gdawp.org this site was built with an aim to promote water wisdom, improving the quality of drinking water for the poor and highlighting importance of building Dams and Reservoirs to boost agricultural output to improve food security, Linking Poverty Reduction Through Blue Revolution.

Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) supports to organize gatherings on local and national level in educational institutions for youth, to discuss/debate/play their role as how to achieve Millennium Development Goals; Goal 7 especially emphasizes on water-related issues (Blue Revolution).

Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) is committed to establish community-based training centers for women in Gomal Damaan Area where women are given training about appropriate agriculture methods, efficient use of water and role of women in controlling water-borne diseases.

Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) is committed to provide the best available information to the youth at local level, about environment and its effects on health, particularly the use of drinking water, cleaning water tanks and maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings of water sources.

The strength of stakeholders of Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) depends on the constitution of the partnership and its leadership. The interests of religious, governmental and non-governmental organizational partners can play an effective role for achieving success because they promote water related issues at various forums.