Our Water Sector

This serious challenge is knocking at the doors of all developing countries and Pakistan is no exception. Poverty in Pakistan in general and in the Gomal Damaan Area of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Pakistan in particular is due to mismanagement of water resources. This horrible scenario can be avoided and living conditions of all people can be reinforced to sustainable levels of comfort, health and well being of the people by improving our knowledge about water.

 It can be achieved through coordinated and integrated efforts of all concerned people to manage water resources more efficiently in the region. Water management in the Gomal Damaan Area of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Pakistan has always been a serious problem. The area commands huge water resources but there are places where water is harmful and places where there is no water for miles. In this connection the Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) steering committee membership represents a diverse group of stakeholders from non – profit organizations and community groups to governmental agencies. Partners in this combined effort are:

Water security is the cornerstone of economic growth. It cuts across a wide range of sectors agriculture, industry, mining, energy, domestic supplies, health, and education. In this connection training should be given to the stakeholders about the management of the existing water resources and their efficient uses through Integrated Water Resources Management. Training can also be given as regards data collection, long and short term planning, implementation, decision making while giving importance to the marginalized sections of the community including females, making priorities, problem identification, conflict resolution, monitoring and evaluation. Farmers should be trained for specific practice of irrigation for specific land, and suitable climate for specific crop using the available resources of water according to their cropping pattern. They should also check the HP of water for irrigation. Drinking water should also be checked every third month to ensure that it is up to the WHO standard.

Stakeholders can be given guidance and skills to adopt the new technologies and methods in the fields of irrigation, and sanitation. For example isotopic hydrology can be used for assessment and management of ground water and in the arid and semi-arid areas Micro- or drip-irrigation systems can reduce water wastage. Similarly artificial rain can be helpful in drought areas.

Sustainable development will not happen without improvements in water resources management. The risk of climate change exacerbates the situation because water is the primary medium through which climate change will threaten the livelihoods and well-being of societies. Investing in water management contributes right now to poverty reduction and longer term to climate resilience and sustainable development.

Enthusiastic and energetic members of steering committee Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) are committed and devoted to bring Global Water Partnership, Pakistan Water Partnership along with other national and International organizations / institutions related with water issues to one framework for action to the ultimate satisfaction of stakeholders.

Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) is committed to make arrangements for the celebration of international events like World Water Day, World Water Monitoring Day, World Forest Day, World Environment Day, World Food Day etc in educational institutions and community gatherings by inviting all stakeholders, government officials and professionals. This will further highlight the image building features of Gomal Damaan Area at the international level in bringing awareness about water related matters.

Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) supports to include water in the curriculum’s from the primary level will educate the children from the very start about sustainable development through the efficient use of water, improved methods of sanitation, enhancing quality of water, conserving water resources, protection against water-borne diseases and changing mindset towards sustainable development.

Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) is committed to mobilize youth, by strengthening teams of young peer educators, who will visit all schools, colleges and universities for organizing teachers’ team for motivating, establishing and directing student-based teams to raise awareness about IWRM in the Gomal Damaan Area.

We need to improve our water sector governance. Good governance means well-organized development management. In this connection, we can be more effective if we work together and make a strategy, which serves the purpose of all stakeholders. In this regard, we should build a strong partnership and let us mobilize our youth, individuals and organizations’ at all levels to share the knowledge and arrange funds and facilities to focus on IWRM in the Gomal Damaan Area.

Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) promoting the local government itself should be motivated and realized the importance of water for life, health and hygiene, sanitation, irrigation, industry and ecosystem and the negative impacts of water resources mismanagement and wastage and allowing industrial effluents and sanitation water to mix in the water channel without treatment. It should be mandatory for the local government to enforce international law to prevent water pollution and acquire relevant knowledge of water-related issues for sustainable development. The forest department should be directed to uphold the laws pertaining to deforestation with the provision of alternate energy sources to fill the gap for example solar energy and natural gas.