Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership GDAWP

The years from now to 2050 will be marked by many challenges, particularly those related to water and food. Current population trends show that over 9 billion people will live on the planet by 2050 – 70 per cent of them will live in urban areas (UN, 2011). This will increase pressure on resources, which are already under serious stress by the current manage- ment paradigm, and therefore, posing important questions on the ability to provide universal access to water and food (FAO, 2011).

Stakeholders at different levels need to act upon this issue. It is necessary that the current and future generations of water professionals work together to give continuity to the seniors’ knowledge and experience while integrating young peoples’ fresh perspectives and techniques. This is the only way in which efforts can be maximised to abate the water and food security challenges. Sustainable water and energy use is essential to our survival and development and to achieve this we need to act now and act smart, because saving energy equals saving water. Bringing interested citizens and water users together, providing a neutral forum focusing on water related issues and challenges, and becoming a part of the solution for long-term water quality improvement and conservation in a non-regulatory way, In this connection improving water quality and quantity providing for a clean and healthy future for ourselves and future generations. By looking into all these water related aspects and its relation with over all development, we need to construct dams, not only few dams but many-many dams and not only at one place but several places without prejudice and favoritism. This need bold decisions and decisions at all levels, which should address the priorities of our economy. To establish Blue Revolution and Dams for Development Partnership or Blue Revolution and Dams for Development Taskforce to change mindset of people towards water resource management and awareness of Dams for Development related activities in all four provinces of Pakistan, which should be highlighted by using print and electronic media on its extreme.

It should involve stakeholders; water professionals, youth and gender mainstreaming on equal basis representing all four provinces of Pakistan. If we fail to make these decisions on time, we will face unbearable consequences in the time to come and bring the whole nation to the stone age of poverty and extreme hunger. This is what nobody would like, particularly the committed and true leadership of this sovereign Muslim nation of 17.67 million people. The vision of any idea including this one can only be acknowledge by action and not by words. Our nation needs action, not words and promises particularly at this stage where we have been declared as the severely water scarce country in the south Asia in the year 2025. This is the reality, which needs to be approach on time. In this way there is outmost need to work on this subject. Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (GDAWP) is dedicated to building and sustaining local capacity through education, assistance, and advocacy in order to enhance, restore, and protect the natural resources of the Gomal Damaan Area.